The abbey of Pomposa is a complex made of several buildings that are part of one of the most important medieval Benedectine monastery. The Basilica, the Refectory, the Capitolary Hall and the Cloister form the core of the abbey. The magnificient bells tower was added in later age.

The Benedctines founded the abbey during the seventh century a.D. Around the 1000 the abbey enjoyed a high reputation of a lot of prestige within the region and the abbot was kept in geat consideration. The Benedectines lived there until the beginning of the sixteenth century, when all of the monastic order moved to Ferrara. It became a private propriety and then a farm, but a century ago was changed in a national monument by the governament.

The cloister of the Abbey

The complex was visited during the centuries by many illustrious personalities, like Barbarossa and Dante Alighieri. The architecture is a mix of Romanic and Byzantine style and you can recognise elements from both the Bolognese and the Ferrarese craft school

To the extern of the complex

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